Composting and Worm Composting

Ressurecting an old wormery.

This is a question that often comes up, sometimes the wormery has a few worms and some compost still in it or just old compost, providing the wormery is complete and in reasonable condition then it should be put back to good use. If there are any worms present then it may be useful to try and use them, they will need to be picked out of the compost they are in, generally it is not a good idea to use any compost left, it is usually too old or even stagnant best just to start again.

Worms can be purchased from us either loose ( or in a complete worm and bedding kit ( or using the Boxa worms ( if you purchase the worms on their own you will need bedding material, this can be suitable material you have to hand, this is dealt with here ( )or you can purchase just bedding ( the easiest way is to use one of our worm and bedding kits. Having aquired all the necessary components then you can set it all up, advice on how to do this can be found here:

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