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How to keep your worms

The art of worm keeping and keeping worms alive is essential in order to prolong the worms life cycle. Worm care is a relatively simple procedure, which varies depending on the type of worm you keep.

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How to keep Dendrobaena worms

Dendrobaena are the easiest of worms to keep, this can be split into two parts – short term storage or long term.

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How to Keep Earth or Lobworms

Lobworms are probably the most difficult, they are very particular about bedding conditions and especially temperatures so extra care has to be taken.

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How to Keep Mealworms

Your mealworms will arrive with enough food for a week or so, probably much longer but if you need to keep them longer then they will need extra food and a source of moisture.

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How to Keep White worm

White worms are not treated as “cultures” in the same way as Microworm, Banana worm etc. being free existing i.e. they are not parasites and do not need a host on which they rely on for survival, they are naturally soil dwelling and this is the type of medium they should be grown in.

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