Keeping Mealworms Alive

Your mealworms will arrive with enough food for a week or so, probably much longer but if you need to keep them longer then they will need extra food and a source of moisture.

To do this, add a small piece of Banana skin about a couple of inches long or a segment of apple, carrot or potato, as a source of moisture, place within the container with the lid left off, make sure nothing added gives the mealworms a “bridge” to the top edge of the container or they will use it to escape. Replace the source of moisture every couple of days and do not allow it to go mouldy and contaminate the dry food matter.
As the mealworms feed, the original food will become very fine and sand-like this will need to be sieved off and replaced with new food such as bran, porridge oats or similar dried cereal. Keep the container in a cool place – not a refrigerator.