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How to use Worms Direct ‘Worm food’

Instructions on how to make use of the Worm Food that you’ve ordered.


Worm food should not be used in containers that are too tiny in volume since this can make white fuzzy fungi which grows its mycelium network quite big causing depletion of oxygen much quicker.

Which ultimately results in the death of all the worms that live at the bottom of the container overnight.


One of our customers’ pictures shows what can happen if you do, here’s the picture below.

Fungi were involved for all of that, and it happened very quickly.

Because our worm meal is so dense, and only needed small amounts with moisture on the bedding for it to expand.

Small amounts of worm food = small amounts of fungi breaking down worm food for worms to eat. Otherwise if there’s too much, fungi will use up all the oxygen.

white fungi


Use it for wormery which has enough volume and ventilation for this to work, or a tub that has good enough volume such as 10 litres or above with enough holes.

See our video on how to put worm food: