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In the past we have taken many orders over the ‘phone, our new web site was developed with ease of use particularly mobile as well as desk top computer use in mind, we had hoped that the number of ‘phoned orders would decrease with customers preferring to save time and go straight on to the web site, however, this has not been the case,  this does cause us problems with several hours of the day taken up with us entering telephoned orders into the same system as would be used on the web site by the customer, added to this are the occasional mistakes made with misheard details such as post codes and address’s, we appreciate not everyone is confident in using web sites particularly with making payments but we can assure you that this is the easiest, safest and quickest way to place orders, so we would ask you, if you can, please place your order via the website it would be very much appreciated!

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Worms Direct provide worms for fishing bait, animal feeds, composting wormeries and organic waste recycling, worms for gardens, lawn care and soil improvement. We also sell maggots for fishing,

Worms Direct are worm suppliers with over 19 years of worm farming experience and research, we provide the best worm products and service to the worm composting, fishing bait and worm specialist markets. We are the leading supplier of worm species for specialist needs who expect the highest quality and knowledge of the worms supplied.

Find out more about us and our products, or please contact us for advice and information.

  • Composting & Worm Composting

    Composting & Worm Composting

    A range of composting wormeries and supplies with all the components required to create a quality compost.
  • Fishing Worms & Bait

    Fishing Worms & Bait

    We provide a large range of popular worms and baits to the Angler who expects the very best bait for fishing.
  • Horticultural Worm Products

    Horticultural Worm Products

    Worms for soil improvement and enrichment for your garden beds, lawns, or landscaping project.
  • Latest News - Welcome to Our New Website!

    We hope you like the improvements. The old website served us well but was definitely showing its age. This website is more up to date, has a clearer layout, larger product images, and is easier for users with mobile and tablet devices. Our business, excellent quality products and competitive pricing remain just the same. Find …Read article