Worm Colonies (lawn areas)

Colonies of earthworms in a bio-degradable box ready to plant into your soil.

1-lawn-colony £18.50
2-lawn-colonies £28.70
3-lawn-colonies £37.50


Worm colonies are earthworms contained in a bio-degradable box. Instead of having to dig multiple holes to plant loose earthworms, all you need to do is simply dig one hole every 2 square metres, place the box in the hole, water, and cover with soil.

The key advantages of this product are:

  • no need to handle the worms directly
  • less effort due to fewer holes needing to be dug
  • the worms are not suddenly introduced into a new environment
  • as the box degrades the worms will move out at their own pace

Our worm colonies are ideal for both household gardens as well as large landscaping projects.

Each colony contains 200g of mixed (around 300) shallower soil dwelling earthworms. The container size is 15cm (6″) long x 10cm (4″) wide x 11.5cm (4.5″) deep, the box can be planted anyway up which means it will need a hole around 25cm (10″) deep to accommodate it.

The worms used in the Lawn Colonies do not throw up worm casts on the surface so no more blunt mower blades and muddy wheels and rollers! The ideal time to incorporate the Lawn Colonies would be at the preperation stage before laying turf or sowing seed, however, they can be introduced to an established lawn, a neat square of the turf will need to be removed, the soil excavated and the hole watered well (see above) once the Lawn Colony is in place back fill with the soil, firm and replace the piece of turf.

If you require a different number of colonies than shown, please give us a call on 01245 381933 and we will be happy to give you a price.

Care guide: Introducing worms to a new garden

Care guide: Introducing worms to an established garden

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