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Worm colony living in a biodegradable box suitable for worm composting, the Boxa Worms must be added to a wormery that already has bedding or compost present not just waste food.

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This product is based on the Worm Colony for gardens. The principle is the same but applied to composting worms.

A population of the composting worm mix is set up in the “Boxa Worms” living in a specially prepared bedding material the worms have been raised in this means they are happy and at home in this bedding, the whole, unopened box is put into your composting bin, wormery or compost heap about 6 inches below the surface and watered well. The box will start to rot down and the worms move out into the waste in their own time.

Unlike tipping in loose worms. “Boxa worms” are not suddenly introduced into a new environment that could possibly be harmful or is at least upsetting to the worms, when this happens the worms will often attempt to crawl away from the waste they have been introduced into. With the “Boxa Worms” this does not happen, it also means that you do not have to handle the worms. Because the idea is the worms are able to leave as soon as they are ready it is not advisable to keep them waiting! therefore on arrival the Boxa should be planted as soon as possible, certainly within 2 days, if you are not able to do this place the Boxa in a container that will retain any escapees.

Each “Boxa Worms” contains 150g (around 250) of mixed composting worms. The container size is 15cm (6″) long x 10cm (4″) wide x 11.5cm (4.5″) deep, the box can be planted anyway up which means it will need a hole around 15cm (6″) deep to accommodate it.


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Boxa Worms

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