Worm and Bedding Kits

Worm and bedding kits to start your wormery from scratch.

Starter KitPrice
250g-worms-10l-bedding £34.00
500g-worms-20l-bedding £39.50
1kg-worms-20l-bedding £46.95
3kg-worms-60l-bedding £115.00
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Our worm and bedding kits have been developed to enable a wormery to be started from scratch.

The correct amount of mixed composting worms are supplied in a realistic amount of bedding. Put this straight into your wormery. This eliminates the problems often experienced when trying to set up a wormery where only a small amount of worms and no bedding are supplied.

Many wormery kits are supplied with a single coir brick which is to be used as the “bedding”. Based on 20 years experience we do not recommend coir as a bedding material. For further information see our care guide on Establishing Your Wormery. Our bedding material contains 20% of used and established worm soil. This settles the worms much quicker compared to an environment that they are not familiar with.

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Starter Kit

0.25kg Worms + 10 Litres of Bedding, 0.5kg Worms + 20 Litres of Bedding, 1kg Worms + 20 Litres of Bedding, 3kg Worms + 60 Litres of Bedding

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