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By using our prepared bedding, the problems of sourcing your own materials suitable to set up a wormery and for keeping your worms healthy are virtually eliminated. The prepared bedding is taken from our breeding boxes and graded.
As worms have been living in it, it has a thriving population of bacteria, fungi and microbes in a balanced form that will inoculate new kitchen waste added, and begin the process of decomposition straight away.
Just bedding, no worms. See ‘Composting worms’ or, alternatively, ‘Worms and bedding kits’ that include both worms and bedding material combined.

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Although you can make up your own bedding materials for your worm bin using moss peat, shredded newspaper/leaves/cardboard, horticultural grade coir, well rotted garden compost or horse manure; the use of moss peat and coir does pose environmental questions.
If these are left out it can be difficult and/or time consuming to find and prepare the alternatives.
Even if you are successful, there is one major drawback in using fresh materials, the bacteria, fungi and other microbes that worms rely on for food will not be present in any great quantity. Even when the first food layer is placed onto the bedding, the same applies, this combined with the stress of being handled and introduced into this alien new environment can, and usually does, cause the worms to crawl and leave the bedding and usually the bin. This is done at night and the first time it is noticed is when you find very few worms left in the bin and most have dried up on the floor!
This can be overcome by placing a low wattage light over the bin at night for a few days but depending on the bedding used, this may take longer and can be impractical.

However, by using our prepared bedding, all these problems are virtually eliminated.
The prepared bedding is taken from our breeding boxes, it is graded before being sent out and because the worms have been living in it, it will have a thriving population of bacteria, fungi and microbes all in a balanced form the worms need.
The worms will readily settle back into what they already consider as home, introducing kitchen waste etc can begin straight away as the present bacteria, fungi and microbe population will immediately inoculate the new food and begin the process of decomposition. It will save time and effort and the worms would prefer it!

If you would like worms and bedding material, then we sell worms already established in bedding material. Please see “Worm & Bedding kits”.

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Bedding Medium (Litres)

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