Can O Worms

The Can O Worms is a circular wormery, it is one of the longest established stacking tray systems and has a proven track record

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with-worms-and-bedding £115.00
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Like most stacking tray systems it has a base with a tap to drain leachate, to this the legs are attached, the first tray has the worms and bedding, to this the kitchen waste is added, when full the next tray is added into which the waste is placed for the worms to move up into.

Full instructions are included, please note we supply this with or without the exclusive Worms Direct worm and bedding kit. The basic wormery with no worms is just that, it is complete except it does not include the worms or bedding, it does not include unneccessary items such as “worm blanket” or “wormery conditioner” and is therefore offered at a much lower price

When we supply it with a Worm and Bedding kit, this is a substantial amount of worms – .5kg (around 500 to 700 worms) it also includes a large amount of specially prepared bedding (15 litres) this is necessary to get a successful start unlike the small pouches of worms (please note – no bedding and around 100 worms) as supplied by all other suppliers, you can see our kit under worm and bedding kits at £39.50, if purchased seperately, here: is INCLUDED in the price for “with worms and bedding” at a substantial saving.

Dimensions are 29″ x 20″  (because it’s round!) assembled in cm it’s 74 tall x 51 wide.

Advice and blog: establishing a wormery.

Advice and blog: setting up a stacking/tray system wormery.

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No worms or bedding, With worms and bedding