Worms ln Horticulture, Gardening and Landscaping

Why you should use “Worm Worked Soil Conditioner.

Part 1
“Modern” soils are now very often depleted in many of the natural micro organisms that flourish when nature is allowed to work as intended, the most obvious damaged areas are the huge tracts of agricultural land, subject to intensive cultivation, drowned in constant applications of pesticides, herbicides and nutrients, once this method of “management” begins it is a downward spiral needing more and more interference to be able to continue producing a crop AND this has been taking place for many many decades!
This practice has also been applied to many domestic gardens from the day the soil was scraped clean by the developers to owners and gardeners attempting to rectify the situation by using the same methods as in agricultural. Many old established gardens have also gone through periods of this same treatment but many are now realising this as a mistake and are rectifying the situation by looking at how nature can reinstate a balanced soil.

Part 2
We now know what has happened to our soil so why should we change? we could continue using the artificial means to make our gardens grow but it costs money! it is extremely detrimental to soil life which happens to be part of the natural food chain even if low down, this in turn will affect creatures further up the chain, larger organisms, insects, worms which in turn will affect the local population of birds – you get the picture!
When the soil dwelling creatures are depleted the soil itself becomes a problem, losing structure, poor drainage, poor oxygenation, lack of nutrients which in turn means plants will also be affected causing poor growth, greater bug and disease attack traditionally this has been “rectified” by modern management methods and so the cycle continues, surely it makes sense to let nature do the work.

Part 3
So how is this product used? first, in restoring an impoverished soil we have to have the right basis to start, it needs to be friable, if necessary by breaking it up, then we can add our Worm Worked Soil Conditioner, this will introduce the micro organisms, bacteria and fungii that is so essential, adding worms at this stage will also ensure the continued improvement of the soil and reversal of the problems as in Part 2.
This remedial action can of course be applied to every square inch of soil in the garden but if the budget doesn’t stretch that far then it can be applied in specific areas of planting or even to specific plants particularly if planting substantial shrubs and/or trees
It is highly recommended that a regime of annual mulching is undertaken.

To be continued…..

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