Composting and Worm Composting

Agricultural Composting with Worms

Agriculture by its very nature produces more organic waste material than any other industry particularly where livestock, including horses, is involved. The current solutions are to bury it, pile it, store it in lagoons, spread it, anything except process it. Very few farms have the inclination or are in a position to process a waste product that appears to have little value, but it can be treated with minimal outlay in capital and time. This is becoming a serious issue with more and more regulations, particularly under planning, being implemented.

The simplest methods for setting up vermicomposting in an agricultural situation is to use either a pit method or windrow method and, providing there is an area of land with access that can be used, cost is minimal. Both methods can be tailored to suit the amount and type of waste to be recycled and then all that is needed is the everyday agricultural machinery, tractor with foreloader/bucket, trailer etc. Providing the systems are basically managed there will be no smell or pest problems and the end product of vermicompost and casts can be applied to the land as a valuable soil additive.

Both agricultural and commercial/industrial systems are individually tailored to the needs and require consultancy.

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