Worm Cafe Kit

The Worm Cafe is a stacking tray wormery ideally suited for kitchen waste.

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The Worm Cafe is a three tray system with removable legs, fitted tap and sealed lid.

The base is a collector for any liquid that may run down and can be emptied via the fitted tap. The lid prevents flies from moving into the wormery.

The worm and bedding kit is added to the lower 1st tray. Kitchen waste is then added to the top of the bedding, and when this tray is full a second tray with a mesh bottom is put on the top. Kitchen waste only (no bedding or worms) is added to this second tray. The worms in the lower tray will move through the mesh into this new food leaving the original bottom tray. Continue this until the 3rd tray is also full. The bottom tray can be emptied of the compost, then clean the tray and it will be ready to use again.

This wormery comes with 4 sturdy clip on legs which can be removed if preferred it is also COMPLETE with the required amount of worms and bedding and delivery – already to go!

Dimensions are as follows: 22.5L x 15W x 29.5H in inches and 57L x 39W x 75H in cm maximum dimensions when fully assembled.

Care guide: How to establish a womery

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