Mixed Lobworms

Mixed Size Lobworms (4cm – 10cm)

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50-worms £15.75
100-worms £24.75
200-worms £48.50
500-worms £97.95
1000-worms £165.50
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Lobworms are our big fat earthworm found here in the UK, many will also have heard of them as “Canadian Nightcrawlers” they are the same worm, being a long lived and slow breeding worm it is easy to decimate natural stocks by over picking in the wild. In Canada they have become a sizable industry due to their prolific growth on certain farmlands, this has been recognized by the Canadian farmers who now manage the farmland to produce these worms in a sustainable manner, all our Lobworms are imported from Canada, on arrival, they are rested and fed before being sold.

Because Lobworms cannot be grown in captivity or “factory farmed” as with Dendrobaena  they  should be reserved for specimen fish, larger Perch are quite happy to take them!

Lobworms are not the easiest worm to keep, to read up on the best way to keep your Lobworms have a look at our care guide Looking After Earth or Lobworms or alternatively consider using a “Wormkeeper”


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50 Worms, 100 Worms, 200 Worms, 500 Worms, 1000 Worms