The “Wormkeeper” with large Lobworms

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The “Wormkeeper” is designed to keep Lobworms fresh and healthy. The 50 worm container includes 10 litres of the prepared bedding and the 100 worm has 15 litres. Supplied with large lobworms (6cm – 10cm)

Every worm sold is hand picked, this ensures you get the size, the quality and the number you have ordered, we do not estimate the numbers or average the size. 

The bedding supplied is also the food that the worms will feed on therefore it is unnecessary to add additional food.

Wormkeepers are just that, they are designed for the angler to keep the worm bait fresh for several weeks dependant on how it is used, it is not a wormery ie. it is not designed to compost kitchen waste, breed worms or produce worm casts. If the worms are used for fishing the stock will inevitably diminish and the bedding deteriorate as the worms will also feed on this at this point the wormkeeper will need replacing or restocked with fresh worms and importantly, fresh bedding.

Care guide: How to look after Lobworms

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