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Worms Direct are specialist worm suppliers, from our dedicated website you can buy specific worms for fishing bait, Composting Bins, Wormeries and organic waste recycling, worms for garden and soil improvement, worms that help you care for your lawn. We stock clean, live worms for fish food, reptile and amphibian feed, native worms to feed to wild birds, wild life and chickens.

With over 14 years of worm farming experience and research, we provide the best worm products and service to the worm composting, fishing bait and worm specialist markets, we provide professional worm farm advice and consultancy based on this experience.

We are the leading supplier of worm species to UK Zoo's, Universities, schools and other specialist needs who expect the highest quality and knowledge of the worms supplied. .

To learn more about Worms Direct please see About Us. If you would like to talk to us personally, please call our advice line on 01245 380744.

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We would ask customers NOT to request leaving on doorstep etc but to make arrangements with a neighbour who can keep your order cool, live creatures, particularly worms, cannot tolerate even short periods of high temperatures even out of the sun

Trading Standards Approval

We are pleased to announce that Worms Direct is now approved by Trading Standards, this involved site visits and rigorous checks into our business, including weights and measures, customer satisfaction, how we deal with any problems etc etc. we believe we are the only company in this industry to be approved in this way and to be a member of the "Buy with confidence" scheme.

Ground baits, pellets etc.

To supplement supplies of worms to Anglers, we now stock Sensas baits on a collection only basis. Take a look at our collection prices.

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New Products

Tumbleweed Pet Loo

The Tumbleweed pet loo is designed to compost your pets poo (dogs, cats even rabbits!) by the action of worms. The base is set into the ground and a worm and bedding kit is installed inside at the bottom, the lid is opened by a foot operated pedal, the poo is tipped inside down onto the worms, they process it and as the population grows they will start to move via the holes in the base, to the surrounding soil so the composted poo is actually deposited into the soil, well below the surface, where shrubs, trees etc can benefit., this means that the bin should never become so full it will ever need emptying! If it should need a clean then a quick wash with a hose will do the job - inside and out.

The Tumbleweed Pet Loo is a high quality, very well made and sturdy piece of equipment that will last for many many years, its design is pleasing and does not look out of place in any garden, in fact, the Australians call it "Yard art"

If you would like to see a video on this product, just copy and paste "Tumbleweed pet poo youtube" into a search engine such as Google.
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