You can choose from a variety of products for your business, including worm vouchers, dendrobaena and lobworms in bulk, horticultural worms for planting in your customers’ gardens, and worm food in bulk.

Worm Vouchers

We are able to process the worm voucher orders and send them to the customer without you having to lift a finger. Let us take care of the work for you.
If you would rather we give you worm packets for you to process on your own, you can have that option.


Dendrobaena and Lobworms in bulk for your fishing shop

To ensure that we pay the lowest costs feasible, we have access to suppliers in the Netherlands and Canada and have eliminated any supplier-to-supplier chains that may exist within the UK.
If you can provide us with proof of the pricing you had initially, we will match or beat the prices!

Horticultural worms

We supply Horticultural worms in a box called “Worm Colonies” and “Worm Colonies (lawn areas)”,  all set to be put into the soil.
Perfect for gardening and landscaping endeavours.
When you buy in huge quantity, you can save a lot of money from us.

Worm Food

Our worm food contains a blend of grains (maize, wheat, and soya), in addition to other growth-promoting nutrients, it may be used to easily grow your dendrobaena worms from large to extra large. Can also be sold to customers to use for lobworms in order to make them nice and plump before going fishing. This product can be sold at your fishing shop.



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