Maggots – Natural

Natural maggots. Fresh, clean and very lively!
Supplied in a tough plastic box with snap on lid and carrying handle.

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1-pint £7.75
2-pints £13.50
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Maggots, or to give them a proper name – larvae, need no introduction, anybody who has gone fishing has probably used maggots at some point. They are an excellent source of nutrition and amusement for chickens, there is an increasing amount of evidence to suggest they are valuable for birds that are crop bound.
Many people assume they smell, this may be the case when purchased from a fishing tackle shop, ours DO NOT, they are continually looked after, kept in a clean environment and sent out with new fresh Bran (Chook friendly as sawdust is not) in plastic, ventilated containers. Maggots make an excellent substitute or addition to Mealworms, being a little more economic with no loss of nutritional value when your chooks are eating you out of house and home!

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Volume of Maggots

1 Pint, 2 Pints