Fly Hatch and Feeder

The Fly Hatch and Feeder, the easy way to introduce live flies into your creatures enclosure without the hassle.

Each batch contain casters for approximately 100 flies.

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This innovative little gadget allows you to hatch and feed flies to your creature, the Fly Hatch and Feeder comes complete with its first batch of casters, the whole thing is placed in your creatures enclosure, when the flies start to hatch, the little release hole in the top is unplugged and the flies will slowly find there way out one by one. This has many advantages, you do not have to try and transfer flies from a container into your creatures enclosure, you do not have to chill them every time you need to feed your creature and best of all, you do not have dozens of flies escaping when it is feeding time!

If you find that too many flies have found their way out just reinsert the plug, you can then leave it until your creature needs feeding again or you can move it to another enclosure and start feeding that one, your creature also benefits, they cannot overfeed as you have accidentally tipped in too many flies, having one or two flies around as they would find in the wild, encourages more natural hunting and feeding, you have better access to the enclosure as you are in control of how many flies are loose, when the flies have finished hatching and the last one has left the Fly Hatch and Feeder, just remove it, give it a clean and it is ready for the next batch.

We supply new refills of Blue bottle, Green bottle, in a damp, safe bedding which stops the casters from drying out.

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Species of Fly

Blue bottle fly x 100, Green bottle fly x 100, House fly x 100, Soldier fly x 100