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Can you offer some advice on keeping 150 Dendrobaena for fishing, box size, materials etc.

To keep 150 Dendrobaena for fishing you will need a container about 12” x 12” x 12” or bigger, plastic or wood with a tight fitting but ventilated lid, into this you will need to add about 8 “ of bedding material, this can be damp peat (NOT potting or seeding compost) add some damp shredded paper or cardboard, composted leaves, moss if you have any. When the worms have settled, feed them about a cupful of cooked vegetable (preferably going to waste!) not salted, a lot of people use mashed potato’s, not onion or leeks, when this has almost gone, feed again, keep damp and in a cool place with the lid on at all times.

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