Schools and Educational Studies

Schools and Educational Studies

  • Larvae
    Beetle larvae for your studies
  • Pupae
    Various insect pupae for your studies
  • Worms
    Various earthworm species for your studies

About our creatures

In this section we offer natural organisms for educational and study purposes, some of these are not available elsewhere on our web site.
We understand that every educational establishment is likely to have very different needs, not only for the type of creature or combination of creatures but also with the quantity they may need, to this end we offer what we hope are realistic quantities needed by schools.

Some of the creatures will need preparation prior to dispatch therefore we may need several days notice from ordering to dispatch.
If you have any requirements that are not listed here, by all means give us a ring and if we can help we will, we like a challenge!

All creatures and organisms offered on our web site are native to the UK and will not cause any problems should they get out into the wild, when they are no longer required our wildlife will really appreciate them as a snack!