Small and Micro Feed Worms

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White worms

White worms are naturally free soil dwellers, they are a "proper" worms, not parasitic in any way when grown as a culture, usually some sort of proprietary compost mix, they will multiply rapidly, providing you with a lot of White worm.

White worms. Approx. 500ml colony
White worms. Approx. 500ml colony
Currently unavailable until stocks are replenished.

1cm - 2cm White worms growing in natural conditions, providing a robust and growing population.
Supplied in a strong, ventilated container with lid.
Full culturing notes are included.

Care and cultivation

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500ml (approx) 9.00
Worm culture medium
Worm culture medium
This medium is a blend of ingredients we have developed over the years of growing white worm commercially. It is the same medium that we use in our own breeding trays. The medium ingredients are all 100% natural, it contains no additives or chemicals of any kind, it has been deep frozen to eliminate any possible mites or other unwanted pests but returns to its natural unfrozen state before packing and dispatch. Worms will thrive and multiply, unlike altrernative mediums such as shop bought potting and seeding composts, often used, it is fine, has no smell or chemicals and is perfectly safe for fish and other amphibians if you should accidentally introduce a bit into their water.
Although developed primarily for growing White worm, we get excellent results in using it for other worms such as small Dendrobaena, we have also had feedback that Grindal worms thrive in this medium as well.
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3 litres 5.95
5 litres 9.50
10 litres 17.25


Hatchling worms
Hatchling worms
These are hatchling Dendrobaena, ideally suited to feeding juveniles such as newts, frogs as well as baby and small fish etc. The worms are around 10mm long, if you are looking for something the next size up from white worms these make an ideal choice.They are easy to keep at room temperature and just require a little food such as waste vegetable, born and bred in clean materials free from chemicals.


Currently unavailable.

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estimated at 200+ 7.95

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