which worms r best??????????

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which worms r best??????????

Postby carpcrazy2 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:58 pm

which worms r best???? becoz i read in a mag not 2 use dendras b,cos they give of a poisenous mucus??? can any1 help !!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: which worms r best??????????

Postby NigelB » Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:13 pm

Hi Carpcrazy2

You asked so here goes!
There are really only 4 types of worm available for fishing whether you find them yourself or buy them in, these are Lobworms, Dendrobaena, Redworms and Brandlings, Lobworms tend to be big and lazy, Dendrobaena are smaller and more lively, Redworms are small but deadly for the right fish and venue, often canals and ponds. Brandlings are the yellowy, stripey worm found in manure, these are the ones that give off a yellow gunk that is very pungent and bitter and anything that has got hold of it drops it pretty quickly! however, there are anglers who will swear by them. This is where the confusion begins, Dendrobaena can also be a bit yellowy and stripey, although closely related to Brandlings they DO NOT give off the yellow gunk, I can now here anglers shouting, the ones they bought do! there is a reason for this, for many years all the Dendrobaena where (and still are) grown in Holland where the supplies are nearly always pure Dendrobaena, very occasionally they may have a few Brandlings in with them, in the last few years there have been may new UK worm growers growing "Dendrobaena" from the samples we get at Worms Direct these worms are significantly mixed with Brandlings, these mixes have now found their way onto the market and into tackle shops where somebody from a magazine buys a tub of "Dendrobaena" and sticks one on a hook, when it leaks yellow gunk all over the place then prints that Dendrobaena also give off this fluid - not so.
Hope that answers the question.
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