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Earthworms are very nutritious, being high in protein, minerals and vitamins, making them one of the most beneficial foods to be included on the bird table, particularly in the winter months when worms are scarce.
Worms are less attractive to some of the more unwelcome table visitors, allowing the birds to get their fair share. You will find the addition of a few worms will be a greatly appreciated addition to your bird table.

Standard and Mini Mealworms are the larval stage of the flour beetle and are becoming one of the most established and important wild bird feeds, reasonably high in protein and like all live worms/grubs can make the difference between wild bird survival or not, particularly in a tough winter and equally - in a hot dry summer, when food can be scarce.

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Summer has arrived!

Now summer has officially arrived, many of our birds will be raising their final brood, this may well be their second or even possibly third batch, as a result the parent birds are now really very tired. Although this time of year their is a lot of natural insect life around for them to feed to nestlings and this is by far the best for them, it does no harm and is helpful to continue with just a few mealworms being put out, the adults (and chicks) will appreciate this little bit of help. The RSPB advice is not to feed them as much as they will take, easier said than done! but by limiting quantities and times of the day it will encourage the birds to still forage for their natural foods.

Premium Grade Mealworms

Mealworms are an excellent feed for all birds as they are high in protein. They are particularly good during the winter and nesting periods.
Our mealworms undertake a regime of constant cleaning and feeding before selling. They are fed a balanced and nutritional diet, including fruit and vegetables! This is beneficial to the mealworms, and ensures they are in the best of nutritional condition when they are used for feeding.
We guarantee that our premium grade mealworms are the highest quality on the market.
To get the most from your purchase, see our advice sheet on how to keep your mealworms.

Winter is on its way!

Wild birds have had a monumental task in bringing up the children, particularly this year and it really takes it out of them, as winter draws on the amount of natural live food available will decrease, this is the time the parents and the adult chicks start to build up their reserves for the winter and live food will help them to do just that so a few mealworms, maggots or worms put out will be really appreciated!

Premium Grade Mealworms
Standard size

Amount: Price:
250g tub 9.95
500g tub 13.95
1000g (2 x 500g tubs) 22.95



Maggots, or to give them a proper name - larvae, need no introduction, anybody who has gone fishing has probably used maggots at some point. They are an excellent source of nutrition,
Many people assume they smell, this may be the case when purchased from a fishing tackle shop, ours DO NOT, they are continually looked after, kept in a clean environment and sent out with new fresh Bran (bird friendly as sawdust is not) in plastic, ventilated containers. Maggots are often used as a more economic substitute for mealworms but like mealworms they should be fed as a treat not as the main diet.

Maggots - Natural
Natural maggots. Fresh, clean and very lively!
Supplied in a tough plastic box with snap on lid and carrying handle.

Amount: Price:
.568 litre..........Maggots 1pint N 7.75
1.136 litre.........Maggots 2pint N 13.50



The Earthworms supplied for bird feed are selected to cater for all size and species of birds that feed naturally on worms. Two varieties are available: Native (dendrobaena) and Lobworm. Lobworms are the larger variety.
To learn more about keeping the worms click here

Small Native Worms
Small (2cm - 3cm)

Not available during the winter months.

Medium Native Worms
Medium (3cm - 4cm)

Amount: Price:
0.25kg Native Worms W/L 12.45
0.50kg Native Worms W/L 18.50
1.00kg Native Worms W/L 29.50


We do not supply dried mealworms. Read our advice sheet on why dried mealworms make a poor feed.

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