During these difficult economic times we appreciate that the face of trade supplies has to change, it does not make sense to be committed to large minimum quantities when retail sales will not be that predictable, with this in mind we have adjusted our trade quantities accordingly and are now pleased to offer the following;

These are available in tubs of 40gr (aprox. 40 worms).this is an approximate number as they are actually sold by weight of worm as will be seen on the trade price list. There are 20 tubs per box. Available in small, medium, large and mixed size worms, tubs of different worm sizes can be mixed in 1 box. Loose quantities of 2+ kilos can be shipped in boxed breathable bags.

These are available in tubs of 10 worms (this time by count!) with 20 in a box, graded small, medium, large and mixed. Tubs of different worm sizes can be mixed in 1 box.
We also have tubs of 50 and 100 worms in boxes of 5. Quantities of greater than 100 worms are sent out loose in breathable bags - boxed. We can give trade prices up to bags of 1000.

PLEASE NOTE. we can mix tubs of Dendrobaena and Lobworms in 1 box of 20.

All tubs are breathable and contain a purpose developed bedding, allowing the worms to feed and therefore maintain condition this in turn gives a long shelf life.
Recommendations on keeping, to ensure a long shelf life accompany all consignments, typically the trend is to put everything into a refrigerator, don't! - please read the advice first.

We ship using either 1st class post or a next day carrier, if you have not been trading with us, we ask for payment at the time of order, we accept all major credit and debit cards. Genuine trade only enquiries please! for a price list email us at or call us on 01245 381933

Look forward to doing business with you.

Regards, Nigel.