Lobworms are the large worms with the flat tail we find in our gardens. If you want to catch big fish, buy Lobworms for fishing bait. Many kinds of fish will eat Lobworm in all conditions, particularly when there is floodwater present. The Lobworm is the preferred fishing worm for Perch, Roach, Dace, Eels, Tench, Carp, Bream, Chubb, Rudd, Zander and even Pike.

Our stated Lobworms sizes are based on the worm being "at rest" when they crawl they can easily double in size. Our worms are in excellent firm condition, not tired, thin and strung out which can be used to give a false indication of size!

We would advise all customers that Lob worms should be kept refrigerated, particularly in warmer months. Do not use a fridge that contains or has recently been used for maggots.!

Collected prices

Mixed Size Lobworms
Mixed Size Lobworms (4cm - 10cm)

Number of Lobworms: Price:
50 mixed lobs 7.00
100 mixed lobs 14.00
Large Lobworms
Large Lobworms (6cm - 10cm)

Number of Lobworms: Price:
50 large lobs 7.00
100 large lobs 14.00
The "Wormkeeper" including Large Lobworms
The "Wormkeeper" is designed to keep Lobworms fresh and healthy, the bedding is entirely different from that used with Dendrobaena. The 50 worm container includes 10 litres of the prepared bedding and the 100 worm has 15 litres. Supplied with large lobworms (6cm - 10cm earthworms)
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Number of Lobworms: Price:
50 22.95
100 33.95