Cleaned Earthworms

All Earthworms and this includes the Dendrobaena's, are a major source of protein and have many benefits when fed as part of a balanced diet. They contribute significantly to the health and well being of creatures that would normally feed on worms in the wild. Our "Cleaned" earthworms have been specially prepared prior to dispatch. This process cleans the digestive tract of the worm as well as the outside.

Care of earthworms
It is ESSENTIAL that Lobworms are kept refrigerated or at least below around 8degC, they will not tolerate being kept at room temperatures for more than a couple of days.
Dendrobaena are more accommodating, they will tolerate temperatures upto around 18degC.
Worms supplied other than in Wormkeepers are sent out in smaller tubs and sufficient bedding for transport and storage for a few days, if you need to keep the worms for longer than this please consider smaller quantities or purchasing a Wormkeeper.

What creatures feed on which worms? (Axi owners in particular, please read)

Lobworms are really the best worms to feed to all living creatures, they are the worm most likely to be encountered in the wild, certainly here in the UK. and are generally preferred by the creature you are feeding.

Dendrobaena are used for feeding but this is usually to birds and fish, some creatures, particularly Axi's will actually reject Dendrobaena, if you are at all unsure stick with Lobworms. We grade them to size to try and cater for your needs.

On occasions, Dendrobaena, particularly the small ones, will come into us containIng small quantities of Brandlings, at this size it is impossible to tell them apart, Axi's in particular will not eat these and spit them out, we strongly advise that because of this, Axi's are not fed the Dendrobaena worms.

Small Cleaned Dendrobaena Earthworms
Small (2cm - 3cm)

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Amount: Price:
50g Small "Cleaned" worms (approx 100) 6.95
100g Small "Cleaned" worms (approx. 200) 8.55
0.25kg Small "Cleaned" worms (approx. 500) 14.95
0.50kg Small "Cleaned" worms (approx. 1000) 24.50
1.00kg Small "Cleaned" worms (approx. 2000) 41.95


Medium Cleaned Dendrobaena Earthworms
Medium (3cm - 4cm)
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Amount: Price:
50g Medium "Cleaned" worms (approx. 50) 6.75
100g medium "Cleaned" worms (approx. 100) 8.25
0.25kg Medium "Cleaned" worms (approx. 250) 13.25
0.50kg Medium "Cleaned" worms (approx. 500) 22.25
1.00kg Medium "Cleaned" worms (approx. 1000) 31.25


Large Cleaned Dendrobaena
Large (4+ cm)
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Amount: Price:
50g Large "Cleaned" worms (approx. 30) 6.75
100g Large "Cleaned" worms (approx 60) 8.25
0.25kg Large "Cleaned" worms (approx. 150) 13.25
0.50kg Large "Cleaned" worms (approx. 300) 22.25
1.00kg Large "Cleaned" worms (approx. 600) 31.25


Mixed Cleaned Dendrobaena
Mixed sizes (3cm - 7cm)
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Amount: Price:
50g Mixed "Cleaned" worms (approx 40). 6.75
100g Mixed "Cleaned" worms (approx. 85) 8.25
0.25kg Mixed "Cleaned" worms (approx. 300) 13.25
0.50kg Mixed "Cleaned" worms (approx. 600) 22.25
1.00kg Mixed "Cleaned" worms (approx. 1200) 31.25


The "Wormkeeper" with mixed size Dendrobaena worms
The "Wormkeeper" is designed to keep your worms fresher and healthier for longer, it comes with bedding/food, kept in a cool place, following the instructions the worms should keep for several weeks.

Contents: Price:
0.25kg mixed size worms (approx. 300 worms) + 10 litres of bedding 32.40
0.50kg mixed size worms (approx. 600 worms) + 15 litres of bedding 40.40
1.00kg mixed size worms (approx. 1200 worms) + 20 litres of bedding 57.36


Small Cleaned Lobworms
Approx. size (3cm - 5cm)

As small Lobworms are rarely available, please call for availability, sometimes we have them, sometimes not!
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Medium Cleaned Lobworms
Approx size (5cm - 8cm)
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Number of worms: Price:
20 medium "c" lobs 8.25
50 medium "c" lobs 14.50
100 medium "c" lobs 23.75


Large cleaned Lobworms
Approx. size (6cm - 10cm)
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Number of worms: Price:
20 large "c" lobs 8.25
50 large "c" lobs 14.50
100 large "c" lobs 23.75


Mixed Size cleaned Lobworms
Approx. size (4cm - 10cm)
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Number of worms: Price:
20 mixed "c" lobs 8.25
50 mixed "c" lobs 14.50
100 mixed "c" lobs 23.75


The "Wormkeeper" incl. mixed size Lobworms
The "Wormkeeper" is designed to keep Lobworms fresh and healthy, the 50 worm container includes 10 litres of the prepared bedding and the 100 worm has 15 litres. Supplied with mixed size lobworms (4cm - 10cm)
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Number of worms: Price:
50 34.40
100 44.40


Product delivery note:
Earthworms are delivered by first class post, however, depending on postcode, we may use a next day carrier for the 1kg and above weights. This usually requires a signature on delivery. If preferred, please specify a convenient delivery day and date, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Monday, during checkout. Please read our dispatch-information before ordering.

All orders include FREE standard delivery within the UK. Note, to ensure our live products reach you in the best condition, orders received after 12 noon on Thursdays will not be dispatched until the following Monday (or Tuesday if Bank Holiday). Please read our dispatch information before ordering.