Earthworm colonies for gardens
These are colonies of earthworms in a bio-degradable box, instead of digging multiple holes to plant the loose earthworms, one hole per square metre is all that's needed, the complete box is dropped into the hole, watered and covered.
There are several advantages in using this method, labour is reduced due so less holes needing to be dug, particularly important on large scale landscaping projects, the worms are not disturbed by handling, they are not suddenly introduced into the shock of a new environment, as the box degrades the worms will move out at their own pace, consuming the box as they go, this whole process greatly increasing the survival rate over loose planted earthworms,

The supply of earthworm colonies is restricted to the autumn/winter and spring months as the soil through the summer can be too dry for the successful establishment of earth worms.

25 x young adult Lumbricus terrestris (deep tunneling earthworm)
200 (by weight) Eisenia hortensis of mixed age (upper soil level burrowing worm)
Bedding material.