The "Wormkeeper" including Large Lobworms
The "Wormkeeper" is designed to keep your Lobworms fresh and healthy, the bedding is entirely different from that used with Dendrobaena, commercially available Lobworms do not like being kept in our soils, this is because they are used to living in much softer materials and this is replicated in the "Wormkeeper" Lobworms are heavy feeders and the bedding will need topping up regularly, this is done when it starts to look soil like, materials to use are very damp newspaper, wet, squeezed corrugated cardboard and damp moss from old logs or raked from the lawn. Small amounts of cooked, unsalted mashed potato placed on the surface will encourage the Lobworms to the top for collection. Lobworms do not breed in artificial conditions so at some point your stock will need topping up. The whole container needs to be kept as cool as possible.