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Earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris), our biggest earthworm, are the large worms with the flat tail that are found in our gardens. They are a deep soil living worm, ideal for flower and vegetable beds, a no dig policy should be adopted but regular mulching should be carried out where these worms are to become established.
If worm casts are considered a problem, do not release into lawn areas. For worms suitable for lawns, take a look at our worms for lawns.
The ideal time of year for planting Earthworms is from October through to May, the hottest and driest parts of the year should be avoided, during hot and dry summer months we will supply the worms but will not accept resposibility for failure. Earthworms need to be planted on arrival, scattering them over the area will not work. Dig a trowel depth hole, putting in some old compost (not potting or seeding) water, place in a few worms and cover, do this at intervals over the area needing the worms.

Mixed Size Earthworms (Loose)
Plant at the rate of around 5 worms per square metre.

No. of earthworms: Price:
50 15.75
100 24.75
200 48.50
500 97.95


About Earthworm Colonies

For several years we have been developing "Worm Colonies" these are a means of introducing a colony of worms into the soil, previously the only way to do this was to purchase the worms loose and then plant them or, if you wanted to feed most of them to the birds, spread them around on the surface!
Planting loose worms does have certain drawbacks, the major one being that the soil they are to be introduced into will have no resemblance to the soil they have been living in causing shock and in certain cases death. Using colonies means the worms stay protected in an environment they are happy to live in but are able to migrate out into the surrounding soils in their own time but there is always the protective environment of the colony to retreat back to if necessary.
If you are interested in further reading about the development of introducing worms to the soil, there are several aricles and papers online, search for "Soil Innoculation Units" developed by the Open University.

Earthworm colonies are particularly beneficial where remedial work has to be undertaken, an example would be where trees are suffering from compaction due to vehicles parking near them etc.
Once the compaction has been dealt with and a regime of feeding, watering, mulching and vertical mulching etc is being undertaken, then would be the time to introduce worm colonies.

Earthworm colonies for gardens
These are colonies of earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris x 25 + Eisenia hortensis x average 250) in a bio-degradable box ready to plant into your soil.
2017 has seen the new improved version with increased worm and species content as well as a more soil and worm friendly container.
The container dimensions are 150mm long x 100mm wide x 120mm deep, can be planted anyway up. Ideally you will need 1 colony for every 2 square metres, this can be reduced but it will take longer for the worms to establish in the area to be populated.

Available in larger quantities but please call to discuss.

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No. of earthworm colonies: Price:
1 colony 14.75
2 colonies 21.95
3 colonies 32.00
4 colonies 42.00
5 colonies 50.50
10 colonies 90.95
20 colonies 161.00


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