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Composting and Worm Composting

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At Worms Direct, we understand how to produce the best worm compost. We have developed a range of products for you to buy that include all the components required to create a quality compost bin to help your vermi-composting succeed.

Anyone who has owned a compost bin/wormery will recognise the immediate benefits. The composting procedure returns goodness to the soil providing us with a rich supply of organic matter to use on our gardens and allotments. Traditionally the tried and tested method of inducing aerobic decomposition of piled organic material has been the widest employed method, be it in a heap or in a composting bin. This method has certain drawbacks because rarely does the material compost equally throughout the pile. Even when turned, it may take a long time to compost due to adverse weather conditions or lack of balanced ingredients. It can attract vermin and flies, it can have an offensive smell and the result can be difficult and unpleasant to handle with little or no nutrient content.

History shows us that our predecessors used worms to assist in the composting of organic matter, but had little understanding of why they were so effective. Studies across the globe show that there are far more benefits to using worms in the process of recycling organic matter, not only at the domestic level but also in large-scale agricultural and industrial situations, than at first appreciated.

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