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Live feeds for domestic chickens. In this section we have our unique "Chook Scratchings", as well as earthworms, maggots, and mealworms.

As you no doubt have found, chickens soon clear up all living things such as worms, beetles, spiders etc. Being a natural part of their diet it is a good idea to replace these, and this is easily done with a few worms, mealworms or maggots.
When scattered in the run it will encourage the chickens to scratch and hunt. This is not only nutritionally beneficial, but also keeps them occupied.

Feeding live worms are ideal to assist ailing or off colour chooks in need of something extra to help with recuperation. Vets often advise the feeding of things such as worms, mealworms and maggots as an aid to recovery. Maggots have also been shown to be very beneficial in treating a compacted or "sour" crop.


Maggots, or to give them a proper name - larvae, need no introduction, anybody who has gone fishing has probably used maggots at some point. They are an excellent source of nutrition and amusement for chickens, there is an increasing amount of evidence to suggest they are valuable for birds that are crop bound.
Many people assume they smell, this may be the case when purchased from a fishing tackle shop, ours DO NOT, they are continually looked after, kept in a clean environment and sent out with new fresh Bran (Chook friendly as sawdust is not) in plastic, ventilated containers. Maggots make an excellent substitute or addition to Mealworms, being a little more economic with no loss of nutritional value when your chooks are eating you out of house and home!

Maggots - Natural
Natural maggots. Fresh, clean and very lively!
Supplied in a tough plastic box with snap on lid and carrying handle.

Amount: Price:
.568 litre..........Maggots 1pint N 7.75
1.136 litre.........Maggots 2pint N 13.50


Premium Grade Mealworms

Mealworms are an excellent feed for domestic chickens as they are high in protein. They are particularly good during the winter and nesting periods.
Our premium grade mealworms undertake a regime of constant cleaning and feeding before selling. They are fed a balanced and nutritional diet, including fruit and vegetables! This is beneficial to the mealworms, and ensures they are in the best of nutritional condition when they are used for feeding to your chickens.
We guarantee our premium grade mealworms are the highest quality on the market.
To get the most from your purchase, see our advice sheet on how to keep your mealworms.

We do not supply dried mealworms. Read our advice sheet on why dried mealworms make a poor feed.

Premium Grade Mealworms
Standard size. Included in our price is enough food to keep your mealworms fit and healthy for as long as you should need.
Supplied in a strong, ventilated plastic tub for your convenience.

Amount: Price:
250g (for chooks) in a tub 9.95
500g (for chooks) in a tub 13.95
1000g (for chooks) in tubs 22.95


Chook Scratchings!

A unique Worms Direct product - Chook Scratchings. A mix of refined worm compost full of micro fauna, to which we add chicken grit and juicy worms. The result - a rich blend of tiny living creatures that chickens love! A scoopful put into the run will be immediately set upon. Your chickens will pick out every little morsel of food they can find - scratching away to their hearts content.
This product is 100% natural, it is completely organic and contains nothing harmful. If there is any left, just sweep it up and put it onto your garden where the natural nutrients will also benefit your plants.
Find out about how we discovered "chook scratchings".

Chook Scratchings!

Amount: Price:
1 x 10kg Bucket 20.95
2 x 10kg Bucket 29.95
3 x 10kg Bucket 41.50
4 x 10kg bucket 55.95



Earthworms are a major source of protein and have many benefits when fed as part of a balanced diet. They contribute significantly to the health and well being of creatures that would normally feed on worms in the wild.
Our earthworms are grown and fed on materials that we know are free from harmful chemicals, sprays and pollutants. We have two varieties of worm: dendrobaena and lobworm, providing a range of worms sizes, with Dendrobaena being the smaller worm.
To keep your worms for longer periods, take a look at our "wormkeepers".

Mixed Large Earthworms (Lobworms)
Mixed size lobworms (4cm - 10cm)
Lobworms are generally larger than Dendrobaena worms.

Number of Garden Worms: Price:
50 15.75
100 24.75


Mixed Earthworms (Dendrobaena)
Mixed sizes (2cm - 5cm)
Dendrobaena are generally smaller than Lobworms.

Amount: Price:
0.25kg mixed (2cm - 5cm) dendrobaena e/w (Ch) 12.95
0.50kg mixed (2cm - 5cm) dendrobaena e/w (Ch) 19.95
1.00kg mixed (2cm - 5cm) dendrobaena e/w (Ch) 31.00


Product delivery note:
Earthworms are delivered by first class post, however, depending on postcode, we may use a next day carrier for the 1kg and above weights. This usually requires a signature on delivery. If preferred, please specify a convenient delivery day and date, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Monday, during checkout. Please read our dispatch-information before ordering.

All orders include FREE standard delivery within the UK. Note, to ensure our live products reach you in the best condition, orders received after 12 noon on Thursdays will not be dispatched until the following Monday (or Tuesday if Bank Holiday). Please read our dispatch information before ordering.